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hello~ just joined. first saw this group when i went to the Henrey Fonda Theater for an Avenged Sevenfold concert. lead singers voice got stuck in my head, really awesome vocals..but still i wasn't really impressed. the songs just blended all together so they seemed like one really long song. so i get home...just wondering who the hell they were, i didn't get to hear the name of the band. so by luck i find their name out. i decided to check out their songs again. after listening to them for a second, thrid time i realized how supid i was to not have bought their EP. hahaha..i was so pissed off.

then~ by dumb luck i went to another Avenged Sevenfold concert at HOB, Anahiem...and guess who was there?? Moments in Grace...i rushed over to the booth and bought a shirt, their EP and got a free poster. hahah...lets just say i was really happy!
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